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Given your field of study/major:(agricultural business or food and resources economics), identify two job titles in your field for which you would consider applying.

Part One: Write a report for each job title. This should include: job description, salary, hours, locations, necessary qualifications, job outlook. Give each job title real definition. In other words, don't just reiterate information you find on the web. Really think about it and describe it as if you were describing it in conversation. To research your career use the Resource Spotlights we have used in the PPTs so far. Ex: Occupational Outlook Handbook, ISeek, etc. 

Part Two: Once you have researched each title, compare and contrast the information you discovered with regards to the life you wrote about in your 5yr Self Vision Statement assignment. Does your self vision match up with the reality of your field? What does the information

you found mean for your future plans? Which of the two job titles is a better fit for you? How will you prepare for this career?

Submit a two page (minimum) type written and proofread paper

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