The objectives of this assignment are to help you:

• Understand the differences between fact and opinion

• Learn how to argue a point persuasively by properly supporting your opinion

• Develop key business skills in:

  1. Research
  2. Presentation
  3. Persuasion
  4. Communication

• Understand and use legal terms and language

• Apply concepts from your textbook and additional course readings

Review the following articles attached within these instructions:
• Differences between Fact and Opinion
• Using Evidence to Strengthen Your Arguments
• How to Write Opinion Articles

You’re the Critic. In this assignment apply the legal terms and language you have studied this week about supporting your opinion and write a review the episode called "Fixed" of The Good Wife which is a CBS Drama.

Here is the link for the episode:


In your review you should choose one of the legal cases that is being addressed (there are usually two per episode, you only need to discuss one):

  1. Identify both the plaintiff and the defendant. 
  2. Briefly summarize the case at issue. 
  3. Present each side's arguments. Do this by discussing the facts they are asserting, the evidence they are using to support those facts, and the witness testimony they are presenting.
  4. Then, assume the role of a legal critic reviewing the show. Focus on the legal issues in the show and present your factually supported opinion about:
  • The plaintiff's argument; 
  • The defendant's argument; 
  • How the case was resolved; 
  • How you think the case should have been resolved (Did you agree or disagree with the outcome? In

    either case, tell me why).

        5.  Cite your references using APA format including a citation for the episode that you watched.

You may submit this assignment as an enhanced podcast (audio and video) or a narrated Keynote presentation under the following minimum requirements.  Please cite to any of your references, including The Good Wife episode you reviewed, using APA format. PLEASE ZIP your assignment before uploading to FSO.

  1. Utilize concepts from your textbook and additional course readings.
  2. Follow the attached Assignment Rubric.
  3. Include all elements specified in the assignment.
  4. Include an introduction of yourself.
  5. Podcasts should be between three (3) and five (5) minutes long.
  6. Keynotes should be between eight (8) and fifteen (15) slides.
  7. Both podcasts and keynotes should contain appropriate audio and visual materials for the assignment.
  8. Please cite to your

    references using APA format.  
  9. Make sure to put your name on the Title Page of your presentation.


  •  UsingEvidencetoStrengthenYourArguments.pdf57 KB
  •  DifferenceBetweenFactandOpinion.pdf91 KB
  •  HowtoWriteOpinionArticles.pdf246 KB THE LINK TO FIXED:  http://www.cbs.com/shows/the_good_wife/video/G_U7r4qBVNacnD1_Yxvre5otMZ8xVFc5/the-good-wife-fixed/


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