EDU 416 Intelligence Assessment 250 Words


Critically reflect on your coursework so far EDU 416 Intelligence Assessment .  What assignment was the most engaging? Why?  Have you learned anything new? What?  How will you use your new knowledge? What assignments and/or activities did you excel in?  What could you have improved on? How did the relationship of your own family, culture and intelligence impact your expected outcomes for learning?

General Instructions for Journals

While journals are less formal than course papers (i.e. you can and should include personal reflection and experiences; use first person, etc.), you should still be sure to use complete sentences and correct grammar and spelling. Journals should be at least one and no longer than three pages in length. You should make specific connections (including APA formatted citations when appropriate) between your personal reflections and examples and the theory, terms, and

research being discussed in class. 


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