Unit 2 Journal Fraud Indicators Both Managers And Auditors Need To Understand The Fraud Symptoms, Or Fraud Anomalies, And How They Can Decrease The Risk Of Fraud In An Organization. By Being Aware Of These Anomalies, Management Can Work To Counter These

Unit 2 journal

Fraud Indicators
Both managers and auditors need to understand the fraud symptoms, or fraud
anomalies, and how they can decrease the risk of fraud in an organization. By
being aware of these anomalies, management can work to counter these
symptoms, while auditors can more easily assess the fraud risk.
Examine the Harvard Diamond Foods fraud case located in your Syllabus course
materials. What are some examples of the 6 anomalies of fraud indicators that
you can find in Diamond Foods’ operating procedures and company personnel?
Please respond in a minimum of 200 words in a substantive manner.

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