Your Relationship To Food

For this journal, I want you to think about your relationship to food. You can be fairly creative with this assignment. You might even try writing your own assignment in the style of one of the assigned essays for Tuesday. I strongly recommend that you read those essays before completing this assignment. 

Prompt: What role does food have in your life? You can think about this question in many ways. You might choose to focus on a food-related memory from childhood or your youth that has special meaning for you. Or, like Lily Wong, you might choose to examine your racial/cultural identity through a food item. Do you see yourself as having a blended cultural identity? Is there a food item that is a "microcosm" of your cultural identity like her dumplings? You might also take the opposite stance, that food really has no special meaning for you. That is an acceptable position, but try to give a good explanation for why food is not

significant for you. Write at least 500 words for this assignment, but no more than two double spaced pages. Punctuation, grammar, syntax, and general neatness are important here, that will be what you're graded on mostly. The content is your personal feelings! 

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