2 Page Article Review Article Attached To Assignment Due By 8/29/2017 NO LATER THAN 1PM EST PLEASE READ ALL OF THE DESCRIPTION!!

For this assignment, I provided an article that relates to organizational behavior, and You will need to write a

review of the article. The article review must be a minimum of two pages in length. Be sure to address each of the following points in your article review.


  • Identify the premise of the article and supporting points.
  • How does the author describe organizational behavior?
  • Why is organizational behavior important?
  • Which business concepts covered in this course were you able to identify?

You are required to use at least one scholarly source. All in-text citations and references must be formatted according to

APA guidelines.


This final assignment is an Article Review in which you will choose an  article on "organizational behavior" via an internet search.  View first the online tutorial in the syllabus if you need further assistance. for your

search.  Define "Organizational Behavior" early in your paper so you stay on subect.






Each of the four (4) separate points much be addressed in this assignment and answered: each point requires at least a separate paragraph.  There is a two (2) full  page minimum of content required for this review AND APA formatting with in-text citations, page numbers and a separate correctly formatted Title and References page is required.

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