Kim Woods Hs230 Week 8

Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

  • Discuss the concepts of ethics and its application to healthcare organizations.
  • Integrate ethical considerations when marketing health care.
  • Apply general principles of management in the administration of health information services.
  • Comply with ethical standards of practice.

Course outcome(s) practiced in this Assignment:

HS230-4: Recommend a solution to a legal and ethical challenge by using a strategic leadership approach appropriate for healthcare organizations.

HS230-5: Apply effective communication strategies to real life scenarios facing healthcare administrators in regards to stakeholders.

HS230-6: Discuss the human resource, marketing, operations, and financial functions common to healthcare systems.

General Education Outcomes: In addition, the

following General Education outcomes are assessed during this course:

GEL 1.1:        Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English.

GEL 7.1:        Identify the ethical issues within the field of Health Care administration.

CAHIM outcome(s) practiced in this Assignment:

Domain 6: Leadership

VI.A.1 Take part in effective negotiating and use influencing skills

VI.A.2 Discover personal leadership style using contemporary leadership theory and principles

VI.A.4 Apply personnel management skills

VI.1.5 Take part in enterprise-wide committees

VI.F.3 Apply general principles of management in the administration of health information services
VI.F.6 Collaborate in the

development and implementation of information governance initiatives

VI.H.1 Comply with ethical standards of practice

As a new healthcare administrator of a hospital, you are in charge of creating a new orientation program for new employees regarding employment law. As a major component in the new orientation program you feel it is important to emphasize laws that were passed to protect employees from discrimination.


Create a list of at least four laws you feel are the most important to new employees. Provide a description of each law and their impact on the new employees. Explain how you will put into practice your new program in the healthcare business that will enhance professional ethical standards of practice incorporating a contemporary leadership style. Specify who you will need to collaborate with, what committees will need to be created or involved and what leadership style you are using. Which committee

will you serve on and what would you contribute as an active member of that committee? Clarify which principles of management will be used to provide guidelines for the decisions and actions of managers. Also, provide a strategic leadership approach for healthcare organizations to follow that explains how the program will be enforced and managed and by which part of the organization. Finally, detail the information technology tools you will use to communicate the new program to the employees and other stakeholders both internal and external to the organization.


This assignment will be at least three pages long in APA format, with a word count of at least 700. The paper should have at least three references other than the book for the course. Grading criteria will be based upon APA guidelines, spelling and grammar.  

Complete this assignment as a Word 97-2003 document. Submit to the Unit Dropbox.


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