Develop A Charter For The Golf Tournament Project

Develop a Charter for the Golf Tournament Project


you work for Vandelay Industries, Inc., a global consulting firm. Your team has been asked to develop a project charter for Vandelay’s sponsorship of an upcoming Q-School golf tournament that will be held in Asheville, NC at the Grove Park Inn. You are expecting around 90,000 spectators and 35 golfers. Given that project planning is an iterative process, the charter elements and estimates don’t have to be very accurate on the first iteration. However, the charter must be structured so that future enhancements of the plan, and updates to the values, can be made with ease. HINT: Use the attached Web.com Tournament Operations Guide found in the learning module to help familiarize yourself with the Q-School golf tournament.


Develop a charter for this project, and address the following information:

The strategic objectives (4+) of the

project [Why]



Attributes of project:  The deliverables (5+ components) [What deliverables comprise the project] - Examples include: Vendor Coordination, Tournament Media, Advertisement, Venue, Game Administration, etc 


Conceptual cost estimates (of the 5+ components) [How much] 


Duration of the project


Seven+ major milestones of the project planning [When]  Assumptions on any aspect of the project [15+]  Constraints for: o Cost (5+) o Schedule (5+) o Resources (5+)  It is OK to have more/less constraints/assumptions than what is listed above. Make sure that the two lists stay separate  Risks for any element of the project. Under this heading, list all those disruptive events that could happen. 


my job for this project is only Duration of the project & seven+ major milestonesn 

I attached

an example who how it should be

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