Group Project: Progress Report

This assignment is the first for the group. The group leader will submit a report in the form of a memo addressed to me detailing how your team project is progressing. The memo should be from the point of view of your project team at AB Consulting updating upper-management on the status of their upcoming proposal and presentation to H&H.

Progress reports are very simple, short documents. Headings should include:

  • Introduction
  • Work Accomplished
  • Work Remaining
  • Problems Encountered
  • Conclusion

Progress reports are important to engineers and projects. It gives stakeholders the ability to monitor projects unobtrusively. Completing this assignment offers practice in giving any bad news delicately.

1.Read the case _study1.docx and aw_9.1.docx.

2.Write a Problems Encountered and Conclusion base on the two documents I meantion on 1. 

3.One page. 

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