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Is 'leadership' just a vague term?

Recall national and world events from the past few years. Think about what is occurring in your workplace. Explore what is being discussed in the newspaper, nightly on TV, or in the various Internet forums.

As you reflect...

   1.  What are critical challenges that organizations (be they for-profit, nonprofit or public sector) have to understand and deal with in these difficult economic times and complex global work environment?

    2. What are the challenges that leaders face daily (managing staff, competition, technology, etc)?

    3. What are the causes of these challenges? Dig deep - why is competition a challenge? Competition in         and of itself is not a challenge unless it digs into market share or ability to retain good employees.

Think to your past, your

present, or look into the future...

    4. What are critical leadership qualities and skills needed by organizational leaders to, not only be successful in operating their organization and ensure its growth,  but to engage their workforce members, collaborate with organizational and community partners, and serve society-at-large?

Next, dialogue with your cohort members about your reflections on the above leadership and professional integrity questions. Provide rationale and examples to support your thoughts and insights. In other words, if you see a post that prompts you to agree, dive in and explore your basis for agreement. If you see things from a different perspective, do the same. Jump into the conversation, and feel free to agree to disagree, just justify your stance and position - if we keep it diplomatic, we don't have to agree, all of the time!

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