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Topic: Wireless Proposal

Assignment Instructions: 


  1. You have been tasked with expanding your company’s wireless network. Your IT manager asked you to create a presentation that explains wireless routers and their functions.  She specifically said to focus on the 802.11n and 802.11ac wireless network standards, but include any future standards that maybe coming.
  2. Create a less than 10 min brief but informative PowerPoint presentation that includes company requirements and current standards in use, comparisons of these two technologies, and your recommendations.  You may include images of actual Wireless Access Points (WAP) from vendor websites as needed, being sure to cite your sources.  Include any up-to-date prices  and features from your research.  And of course you final recommendation for expanding the company wireless network.  



has three buildings next two each other that are single story.  There are currently 6 wireless access points (WAP) that are 7 years old.  The company has 40 laptops in use in the bldg's.  Laptops are all less than 3 years old. 


Please consider how many laptops a WAP can handle.

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