IT Systems Integerity


Topic : IT Systems Integrity in Cloud Computing

Need 2 page Journal with APA format.

This assignment is based upon the ongoing research project of IT Systems Integrity in CLOUD COMPUTING. (Please see the attached research project)

The assignment focuses on data collection and analysis phase of the research as what type of data is being collected for the research project and how it supports your research. 

For example from which source the information is being collected, and how the collected information is being used and analyzed for the research. 

What tasks did you perform this week related to advancing your research project?

What types of data were collected for the research? How was the collected data analyzed?

Why do you want to include the collected data in your research project.

Please write the above questions, once again the research project is related to Cloud Computing


Please write a brief answers in questions and answer format in generic way. Do not write anything in Depth as it is just 2 pages. Please see the attached research project.

The assignment is designed to assist with documenting your research. Since, you are entering the data collection and analysis phase of the research, your journal should include answers to the following questions.

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