Social, Legal, Political Impacts On Business

When a firm decides to conduct business globally, it must anticipate all social, legal and political impacts of the decision. Businesses must be aware of each of these environments so that all aspects of their business operations comply with the norms, rules, values and legal requirements of the locations in which they operate.

DeliverablesExecutive summary (1,250 words minimum)

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To complete the Post Project activity, follow these steps:

Step 1: Research.
McDonald’s operates more than 36,000 fast-food restaurants in more than 600 countries worldwide. Some restaurants are owned by McDonalds and some are operated by franchisees.Review the McDonald’s worldwide website (http://www.aboutmcdonalds.com/mcd/country/map.html) for information about the areas in which McDonald’s has

restaurants, including international locations. As you examine the website, consider the following:Do McDonald’s menu options vary among geographic regions and between countries? Why or why not?What political impacts might McDonalds experience in the some locations listed on its website?What else might be different in restaurant operations among the numerous geographic regions?

Step 2: Consider responses to decisions McDonald’s would need to make.
Imagine McDonald’s is considering a move into a new market. This market has a single religion that prohibits consuming meat on the weekend (fish and dairy products are not prohibited). The new restaurants would be company owned, meaning McDonald’s would be responsible for building the restaurants, staffing and supplying product.Prior to making this move, what environments in the new market must McDonald’s contemplate?How far could McDonald’s change its core business to comply with the

requirements of the new market?

Step 3: Prepare an executive summary.
An executive summary is a statement of the problem, some background information, a description of any alternatives and the major conclusions.Write a 1,250-word executive summary of your research and conclusions. The executive summary must address every environment you feel would be affected in the move to the new market and provide both the challenges and the opportunities presented. It is not necessary to provide strategies for satisfying the requirements present in each of these environments. For each environment you select, provide a section heading using APA format.

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