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Social media is a quick, inexpensive channel of communication where companies can connect with customers and employees. Communication with the public is important. Why might a company need to communicate with the public? Is there a crisis or new product being launched? Who will release this information? Will you use a public relations firm, a spokesperson, a lawyer? How is it released? Will you call a press conference or publish a report?

A press release is a quick and easy way to obtain free publicity. A well written document may be picked up by numerous media outlets. Page 282 of the textbook says that “Press releases are written to persuade an audience that a company has new information to offer.” You can find an example on the same page. Now, you may be wondering when would I need a press release? Below, I provided different scenarios that might relate to your industries.

Companies use Twitter to draw in people’s

attention to corporate news, products, services, and events. The forum allows customers and coworkers a place to interact and improve customer service. Twitter can assist with business development, promotional and marketing goals. Twitter humanizes companies and reduces the gap caused by distance.

1. What do you do when the food you grow kills people?

In 2011, a listeria outbreak from a Colorado cantaloupe farm killed 33 people. The Jensen brothers were charged with six federal misdemeanors.

“In a release, the brothers’ lawyers said the agreement is a step toward bringing closure to a tragic event.”

https://www.denverpost.com/2013/10/22/colorado-brothers-plead-guilty-in-listeria-outbreak-that-killed-33/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

2. If you’re a lender, how do you reassure concerned farmers to expand or upgrade equipment?

The U. S. department of Agriculture forecasted

that net farm income in 2017 was expected to be about 10% less than the year prior: ‘“After rising until 2015, non-real estate farm lending has slowed alongside the declines in farm income,’ the Fed report said.”

http://www.feedstuffs.com/news/ag-lending-steady-despite-farm-sector-risks (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

3. You’re a landscaper who specialized in xeriscape and anticipate a surge in business after metro Phoenix cities encourage homeowners to get rid of their lawn.

However, Ray Quay, with the Decision Center for a Desert City at Arizona State University, cautioned in an article that “scrapping lawns can also have negative side effects — a drop in property value, an uptick in the urban heat island effect and a loss of flexibility in the overall water supply.”

http://kjzz.org/content/203278/metro-phoenix-cities-encourage-homeowners-scrap-lawn-it-worth-it (Links to an external

site.)Links to an external site.

4. You are in the beef business and the news reports an E coli outbreak across the U.S.

During the summer months in 2016, seven people were infected with E coli. The CDC, the Department of Agriculture and multiple states traced the outbreak to the Adams Farm Slaughterhouse in Athol, Massachusetts.

In a statement on their website, Adams Farm announced, "We have narrowed down the point of contamination to two days in the middle of August and have been working with our farmer customers to ensure that none of that product is sold and for them to inform their customers. While we are very concerned over the USDA's over-reaction and its impact on our customers, we have fully cooperated with their requirements but want our customers to be aware that we stand behind all of our products and will continue to stand behind all of our farmer customers and their


https://www.cnn.com/2016/09/26/health/e-coli-beef-recall-adams-farm/index.html (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


For this assignment, you will create a news worthy story for your mock company. Page 307 provides more scenarios for ideas. Write a press release. Then, use part of that information and create a tweet. Please include both assignments on the same page for grading purposes. Begin with the press release, double space and add the tweet.

Press release:

· Use a headline to grab reader’s attention

· Use a subhead for clarity

· Introduce the information by answering the reporter’s questions: who, what, when, why, where, and how.

· Develop the press release’s body.

· Conclude with a follow up action.

· Use one or more persuasive techniques (Logos, Ethos, and Pathos).

· Focus on objectivity and conciseness.

· Use

visually appealing format techniques.

· Proof read press release.


· Consider your company or brand is a person on twitter. What is the company doing that is exciting? Are you launching a new product or hosting an event? Is there a big sale? What’s today’s menu? Did a new shipment of flowers bloom? What was funny or memorable? Do you need to clear up rumors or bad publicity?

· A tweet is up to 280 characters not words. Note, your computer counts words.

· Get the most bang out of your words. Keep it short, front load information, choose strong verbs, avoid click bait (watch what happens next).

· Improve tweet with image. The website bitly.com will shorten a link.

· Use a hashtag to connect to your business or a group.

· Proof read tweet.

Twitter Humor

If you are not familiar with McDonald’s Black Friday mistake, google it. The two examples show how

to humanize a company—poking fun at themselves and each other.

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