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Assignment Brief and Guidance

Conduct an internet search on Risk Tolerance Quiz (or Questionnaire).  There are plenty to choose from, but you’re encouraged to use one from a name you are somewhat familiar with.  Take the quiz, then share your results in a paragraph or two.

What instrument did you use? (Copy and paste the url to the site into your response.)  How tolerant or adverse to risk are you?  Do you think that will always be your nature or is it a function of “where you are” in your life right now?  Do you exhibit the same type of tendencies in areas other than investing?  Do you follow your natural inclination, or do you try to approach risks logically?  (20 pts.)

Submission Format

  1. The length of your response is conditional on the question. Answer fully, but concisely.
  2. Your submissions should be submitted via the

    assignment dropbox in .doc or .docx format, using 12 pt type and double spacing.
  3. Late submissions will not be accepted, absent documented circumstances that made submission impossible.

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