Dementia meds
Aricept NamandaZoloftProzacHaldolRisperdolAbilify AtivanAmbein
Early (mild) dementia
Forgetfulness beyond what is normalLoss of short-term memory
Delirium clinical manifestations
Develops over 2-3 daysInability to concentrateIrritabilityInsomniaLoss of appetiteConfusionAgitiation
Maximize daytime activities, limit naps
Confusion assessment methodTo see if delirium is an early sign of dementia
Temporary, acute mental confusion
Delirium precipitating factors
DrugsHistory of delirium DementiaEnvironmentDecreased oral intakeSurgery
Late (severe) dementia
Little memoryUnable to process informationDifficulty eatingSwallowingUnable to perform self-careImmobilityIncontinenceRisk for aspirationPneumoniaUTI
Dysfunction or loss of memory, orientation, attention, language, judgement, and reasoningNeurodegenerative
Early warning signs
Memory loss that affects job skillsDifficulty performing familiar tasksProblems with languageDisorientation to time and placePoor or decreased judgementProblems with abstract thinking Misplacing thingsChanges in mood or personalityLoss of initiative
Dementia, dehydrationElectrolyte imbalances, emotional stressLung, liver, heart, kidney, brainRx drugsInjuryUntreated pain, unfamiliar environmentMetabolic disorders
Middle (moderate) dementia
Unable to recognize family or friendsLoss of remote memoryConfusionIllusionsWanderingAphasiaSafety issues