_ _, or atmospheric pressure, is the force exerted by air on the area below it.
air pressure
Sinking cool air and rising warm air form _ _.
convection currents
Throughout a large body of air called an _ _, properties such as temperature, pressure, and humidity are similar.
air mass
_ is the transfer of heat by the movement of currents within a fluid.
The _ is the layer of the atmosphere above the trposphere.
Above the stratosphere lies the _, the layer that extends 50-80 kilometers (31-50 miles) above sea level.
Ozone is concentrated in a portion of the stratosphere called the _ _.
ozone layer
The lowest layer of the atmosphere, the one directly above the ground, is called the _.
_ is the transfer of heat directly between two objects that are in contact with one another.
The _ is the top layer, which begins about 80 kilometers (50 miles) above Earth's surface and extends upward into space.
The _ is the thin layer of gases that surrounds Earth.
The car door has been heated by _, which is the transfer of energy through space.
The boundary between air masses tha tdiffer in temperature and moisture is called a _.
_ _ is the ratio of water vapor the air contains to the maximum amount it could have at that temperature.
relative humidity